Blog Diary, 28 July 2017

Street photography may not be known by average people in our society unlike landscape, fashion, food or architectural photography. Although it had been long established since the early nineteenth century, it only gained its recognition when Henri Cartier-Bresson pioneered the genre of street photography and conceived photography as capturing decisive moment.

Many people have asked me why street photography? What is so intriguing about this special genre of photography? For me, photography is an art, it is an expression of human creative skills and imagination which are to be appreciated for their beauty and emotional power.

The reasons why I love street photography:

The anticipation of the unpredictable moment and circumstances between framing your shot and pressing the shutter button has always been thrilling and thus creating an ardrenalin rush. Many times you will miss that decisive moment, so it motivates you to keep waiting and trying.

Street photography is about preserving the moments and documenting life around us. Street photography doesn't necessarily only taking candid pictures of people on the street, but it can be done anywhere within public places (beaches, shops, parks). There is always a joy and contentment of looking back the pictures that you have taken. It is sort of documenting life the way it is at that time.

Street photography has changed my workflows and the way I frame and compose the shot. I become more alert of my surrounding, finding more and more details in each shot to make the image more interesting and powerful. I incorporate more light, shadows, geometric lines, human expressions & gestures. It keeps my inspiration flowing.

Street photography is about socialising with people in public places and having fun. You may visit the same place and shoot the same spots a few numbers of times, but each shot will be different, in every way. The people will be different, the surrounding will be different because circumstances make for different combinations of visual elements that create different shots.

Street photography is not about using the most expensive and state-of-the-art camera to capture a picture. Any camera (smartphone, mirrorless, DSLR or film camera) can be used to capture that candid moment.

The camera is just an extension of your creative vision. Your eyes and creativity play a big role to create a good photo.

Hope this blog will inspire you. Happy shooting and till next time...!