Blog Diary, 07 September 2017

I've just recently embarked on film photography after shooting with digital cameras most of my life. I've stumbled upon a photography rut where it was difficult to get inspired, especially in the small and quiet city like Perth. I was getting bored with the digital images I've got from my digital cameras.

After reading some blogs and reviews, I finally forced myself to try film photography. I bought a couple film cameras, the Leica M6 (with light meter) and M2 (sans light meter) and start shooting b&w films.

My first attempts were not so good as I wasn't used to the manual operation of the camera, especially not used to reading a proper exposure. A lot of my photos are underexposed. With more practice, I started to focus properly and meter the scenes correctly. That is what keeping me inspired and wanting to learn more.

Here are some of my thoughts about film photography:

- Film really slows you down and teaches you to be more careful about the framing and composition (you will think twice as every click will cost you money)

- The pictures are permanent. You don't need to worry about losing the files when your drives fail. The film negatives stay through times (as long as you store them properly)

- Film has higher dynamic range compared to digital. The grain-look is hard to replicate with digital cameras and editing softwares. Film has more latitude towards overexpose compared to digital

- It gives you the element of surprise as you are most likely to be detached for the emotion after taking the photos. You won't be able to chimp and see the result right away, not until the negative is developed and scanned

- Films are cheap and still readily available (until all the manufacturers stop making them). Analog cameras are cheaper than digital and made to last for many years

- Less times spent on editing photos in a computer. The film used determines the contrast and colour tonality of the photos

I'm still yet to learn and discover more about film photography. Have you ever tried shooting film?

Till next time.....Happy shooting!