Blog Diary, 8 August 2017

We often find ourselves stuck in a bit of a rut, doing the same thing over and over again. Photography is no different. Sometimes we don't feel inspired, creative or excited by our own work.

Ruts impede creativity and productivity and they can be excruciating. There are a few tips that have gotten me through my photography rut and get that inspiration flowing again.

Tip # 1. Shoot different photos

I normally accustomed to shooting black and white photos. Recently, I tried to mix things up a bit by shooting in colour and using a "customised colour pallete" to suit my liking. I started to see more colour contrast and patterns rather than just a simple black and white form. You can move out your comfort zone by shooting different things like portrait or architecture photography.

Tip # 2. Start a photo project

A good way to start your creative juices flowing again is to embark a new photo project. It doesn't have to be big and tedious. Any small projects can get you started. You can always incorporate a small little projects within your photography context. If you like shooting streets or urban, you can shoot details, gestures, colour theme, minimalistic approach, etc.

Tip # 3. Organise a photo walk

Meeting up a few friends and sharing the same photography passion can be fun and uplifting. Generally you get more inspiring ideas and making some new friends too.

Tip # 4. Take a break from shooting

At the end of the day, we all need a break. It's always a good idea to just leave the camera home and try new things that do not involve camera. It can be taking up a new sport, or other hobbies which eventually grow your creativity.

Tip # 5. Get inspired by other people's art

It's a good idea to visit art galleries or museum to study the masters and other people's art. Good photos are often hugely inspired by the work of timeless old master painters or sculptures. Do not imitate other people's work, but get some ideas and inspiration on their composition, the use of colours, geometric patterns, etc.

Tip # 6. Use a different focal length on your camera

If you always use the same focal length on your camera, perhaps it's a time to change it. For example switching from 35mm lens to 50mm or longer will create a new ball game on your photography vision and creativity. You will learn to focus and compose differently using a new focal length. On the other hand, using a wider lens will train your eyes to compose and isolate your subject from any distracting background.

So that is it, my 6 tips to get of of your photography rut and get your creativity flowing again. Hope this helps and till next time...!

Happy shooting!