Blog Diary, 29 July 2017

Coffee and camera. Those words may not seem to go hand in hand.

For me coffee and camera has more meaningful expression beyond the foodie aspect itself. I often visit a little cafe or coffee shop during my photo walk as a mean of unwinding after 2-3 hours spent on walking and taking photos. I would simply order a cup of latte or flat white while sitting and observing the ambience of the place and the traffic of people coming and going. Nothing better than smelling the fresh ground coffee and watching the barista performing his/her latte art skill.

I'm often drawn to photographing the art of coffee making as well as the shop decor itself. Different shop has different style and theme. Some may have different modern contemporary look, while others may opt for more vintage and rustic theme. Beside that, each shop may have different presentation.

This has inspired me to create my new upcoming project about coffee photography. Will keep you posted!